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Shakopee Juniors Volleyball

Shakopee Juniors Volleyball is a community based competitive program that is run by the Shakopee Volleyball Association (SVA) and is a separate entity from the West/East Jr. High and High school teams.  Our program is for girls that attend school in Shakopee or live in the Shakopee School District.  

The season starts in November with tryouts and generally ends in late April. Our teams practice 2 days per week in Shakopee, and will participate in a variety of playdates and tournaments throughout Minnesota on weekends.  Some play events may be outside the metro area and require a hotel stay which is the responsibility of the player to cover costs.

The SVA hosts the December Dig Tournament for the 12s & 14s teams in  December, the Shakopee Daylight Savings Tournament for the 16s & 17s team in March, and the Shakopee Spring Dig Jamboree for 12s in April.

We also offer optional SAQ (Strength, Agility and Quickness) Training throughout the season for added conditioning. 

Players try out for 12s, 14s, 15/16s or 17/18s teams. (See below for breakdown of age categories.)  We typically have 10 players per team. Our coaches are paid and each team usually has a paid assistant coach.

The goal of the SVA is to get as many girls as possible on the court playing volleyball at a high level and discovering a passion for the sport!

  • 12s (5th and 6th graders | born on or after 7/1/2008)*

  • 14s (7th and 8th graders | born on or after 7/1/2006)

  • 15/16s (9th and 10th graders | born on or after 7/1/2004)

  • 17/18s (11th graders and possibly under) | born on or after 7/1/2003)**

The SVA does allow for age-waivered players.  For example, if your player is in 8th grade but her birthdate falls before July 1, 2006 she may sign up to play with her grade.

*4th graders who want to try out must petition to the board, provide a referral from a previous coach and be evaluated by an SVA coach prior to tryouts

**17/18s players must try out for the team and will not automatically be placed on a team.