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What is Juniors Volleyball?

Juniors Volleyball has often been referred to as club volleyball, Junior Olympic, or JO volleyball.  Our program is not affiliated or sponsored by the school district.  It is organized volleyball that begins after the school season is over and provides players an opportunity to continue play after the school season.  And because most school districts do not offer volleyball until 7th grade, it provides younger girls the opportunity to play.

Who can play?

Girls in grades 5-11 who live in Shakopee and/or the Shakopee School District and/or attend school in Shakopee. For specific ages per teams, see the Juniors page.

When and where are practices?

Practices will start mid November.  Generally, teams will practice 2 times per week for approximately 1.5 hours, based on gym availability.  Typically, practices are at a Shakopee School Gym between 6 and 9PM. 

What is SAQ Training?

SAQ stands for Strength, Agility and Quickness.  The association offers SAQ training througout the season as part of the player's fee.  SAQ is run by an outside company, separate from the SVA.  Attendance is not required but strongly encouraged.  All girls who make a team are encouraged to attend SAQ sessions as their schedules allow. The SVA makes every attempt to schedule the sessions to coordinate with practice times as much as possible.

What is the policy concerning playing time?

A player's playing time will be at the discretion of the coach.  All players will receive equal practice time; however playing time will not be equal.  Skill level, practice intensity, missed practices, attitude and the position played will all be determining factors in playing time.

Where are the matches held? What about tournaments?

The matches generally begin the first week in January and go through the end or middle of April.  Teams are registered at the Midwest Volleyball Warehouse in Burnsville, MN.  Teams are also registered for the President's Day tournament, which is a Metro-Wide tournament and then teams will also participate in two additional local-area tournaments.  These additional tournaments will be decided by the coach and team.

Can players participate in other activities?

It is not unusual for players to be involved in other sports or extra-curricular activities.  Please take into consideration the commitment to the team and team participation.  For example, if two girls are missing for a play date the coach only has two players on the bench to substitute.  It is important to contact the coach sufficiently ahead of time when a practice or play date will be missed.  Communication with the coach is key to a successful season.

What is an NCR Officiating Clinic?

All players ARE REQUIRED to obtain a North Country Region (NCR) sponsored online officiating certificate each year.  Parents are encouraged to go through the process as well because often times a coach may ask a parent to supervise the players at the scorekeeping table (at the 12s level).  Once the online certification is complete, each player will receive a printout which indicates that the clinic has been completed.  This should be brought to all play dates (keep in a volleyball backpack).  

What does the SVA offer for programs?

The SVA runs a fall program that runs September until the end of October for girls in grades 3-8 (in house and league play), the Juniors program for girls in grades 5-11 that runs mid November to early to mid April (approximately) and the Juniors Prep program for girls in grades 4-6 that runs mid February to late April.

Summer camp and clinic offerings are offered through the high school program but registration is done on the SVA website.